Sunday, 28 May 2017

Tips for Healthy Dyed Hair

I used to be the WORST at making sure I looked after my hair as I started to hate it. The length wasn't right, it looked limp, lifeless and just wouldn't do anything. To me, everyday was a bad hair day. But then I got an amazing hairdresser who sorted it out and made it look the best it possibly could getting rid of all the damage and giving me so many tips of how to make sure it never got as damaged and frazzled again and I took them and got into a routine (which I would happily do an updated post on). I then decide to dye my hair, which you can find a post on HERE, so looking after my locks to prevent fading lead to me testing out a lot of products including my hairdressers recommendations.
Tip 1: Colour Shampoo - As I dyed my hair blonde I have been using purple shampoo's but with dyed hair I think its very important to use a shampoo specifically for colour treated hair to prevent fading and most also give moisture to prevent hair looking dry. The first time I slightly lightened my hair a year ago I used Provoke's Touch of Silver Shampoo but to be honest my hair probably wasn't blonde enough to notice a difference or it just didn't work very well so I decided to branch out and use Lee Stafford's Bleach Blondes once a week which prevents brassy, yellow tones and I also finds brightens my hair. I also use John Frieda's sheer blonde treatment which gives the salon shine back to hair. This is also really conditioning and definitely brightens up the blonde even though the smell isn't the best.

Tip 2: Less Heat - I used to straighten my hair EVERYDAY. Which was incredibly bad especially as my hair rarely even kinks. I now never use them and to be honest hate the look of my hair when it has been straightened which I never thought I would say. I would say this tip applied to anyone but due to coloured hair being more dry it leads to higher breakage and damage.

Tip 3: Wash your hair less often - I hate my hair for the fact it gets oily super quickly and easily which can lead to washing it everyday which is very bad but I have managed to cut down to washing it 3 times a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) then occasionally in between if I am going out somewhere I need to dress up for. Dry shampoo is probably my saviour along with buns and plaits but washing your hair less will preventing the colour fading as quick.

Tip 4: Products - I get through so many hair masks, oils and hydration mists that my hair must be more hydrated than me. My particular favourites are the Garnier Honey Treasures Serum and OGX's hydrating coconut water. I usually put the serum on wet hair and the coconut water on when its dry and both make my hair so soft, shiny and tangle free which also reduces breakage when brushing and generally makes stronger, healthier hair. 

What hair hacks do you swear by?


Sunday, 14 May 2017

Dungaree Day OOTD

Dungaree's have quickly become my favourite thing to wear as they make any outfit look like you've put in a bit more effort than just jeans leading to wearing dungaree's on a daily basis. 

These dungarees are from Newlook for £28 with a frayed hem giving a distressed look but are a slim fit on the legs which I was super happy about as I could never find any skinny fit jean dungaree's instead of the typical 'mom' style which looks fab on some people but just not on me. I then paired it with a simple striped tee which maybe leads to me looking like an overgrown five-year-old but I absolutely love the look especially then even more casual with a pair of white converse. However, I did jazz up the outfit with these super cute cuff style earrings from h&m costing just £5.99. I am obsessed with wearing dungarees and make me feel like I have put effort into my outfit opposed to basic jeans.


Sunday, 30 April 2017

April Favourites

Usually I'm one to say the month has flew by but this month seems to have gone quite slow but it was actually really nice as I began to appreciate the smaller moments instead of letting life fly past but it also led to me loving quite a few things from makeup to random 'life' items.

The first thing I have been loving is the Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer which is amazing at concealing and highlighting under the eye. Although I know the brush applicator isn't everyone's favourite but I love how easy it makes application and the colour suits my skin tone perfectly. 

Secondly, another Rimmel product that if you have read my blog for a while you would know I'm an avid lover of the Kate Moss lipstick range but this one has sat in my draw for quite a while despite the beautiful nude tone. Its a creamy formula so is really comfortable on the lips and probably only needs reapplying once throughout the day. 

I have also been obsessed with Eylure Cheryl's First Date lashes, again these are something I had in my draw for quite a while until I looked through my collection as my friend wanted to know some more natural lashes and I realised why I loved these so much leading to repurchasing a few boxes just in case they get ruined or lost so they definitely deserve to be a favourite.

My final beauty favourite is the Lee Stafford Purple Shampoo which was recommended by my hairdresser when I dyed my hair blonde and so far it is doing a very good job keeping my blonde like its freshly done.

I don't often include a fashion favourite but I  have been living in dungaree's and specifically a pair from Newlook which are a skinny fit which I love compared to most which appear to always be 'mom' jeans which just do not suit me. I have been pairing it with a basic t-shirt underneath and it looks like I have put effort in every morning.

Onto random items; they of course revolve around chocolate as I really don't hide the fact I am incredibly unhealthy (even though I really don't promote it!) but you also probably won't believe that after 17 nearly 18 years alive I had never tried Nutella! I have been loving it with fruit and cannot stop eating it! Is there anyone else who just hasn't tried it or not until recently or am I just plain weird?! I have also been loving the slightly childish chocolate bar of Cadbury's Curly Wurly which I don't even know where my obsession came from but I there is now a constant stock of them in my house!

For tv programmes I have been getting into a few series in April however they have both sadly finished but available to watch on demand and they are Clique and Broadchurch. Clique is a mystery/drama about girls who go to university and everything in the Clique isn't quite as it appears. Whilst Broadchurch was the final series which breaks my hear as it is possibly my all time favourite programme ever and I recommend all 3 seasons.

What have you been loving this month?


Sunday, 23 April 2017

Drugstore Haul | Make up, Skincare and Hair!

 If you read my 'Current Drugstore Favourites' post (link here) you would know my drugstore obsession that got me into makeup in the first place was partly back since I discovered so many good items which led to a good splurge to see any products new in and repurchasing those old favourites.
 The first products just so happen to all be related to eyelashes. The first product I picked up and the initial reason for going to Boots was the L'Oreal Volume Million lashes mascara, I won't talk too much about this as I mentioned it in the post linked above but this is my favourite drugstore mascara due to the amazing volume and how it holds a curl. The waterproof of this is also fantastic. Due to my love for that L'Oreal Mascara and the fact I have been loving falsies recently I picked up the L'Oreal False Lash Architect Mascara which front eh description looks like it should add fibres and therefore volume and length however I haven't tried this yet so will probably update you in a favourites if I love it!

As I mentioned I have been loving falsies so repurchased my fave pack of Eylure ones which are the Cheryl First date ones which give a lovely natural look. I usually have to cut them down slightly but apart from that they are so easy to apply too. I also picked up an eyelash glue to test out as I love the one that comes with the lashes but felt a different brands may last longer and this duo eyelash glue has been very hyped about across the blogging world so I can't wait to try this.
 I also picked up a the Collection Lasting Perfection Foundation as I love the concealer and this claimed long wearing and high coverage which are two things I look for in a foundation. I have only used this twice since buying it and although it lasts a fair while it does need setting a tiny bit on my forehead about half way through the day especially if I have been at work. I also love the fact it contains SPF as it is heading into summer. 

I also repurchased The Body Shop Tea Tree Primer as I use it everyday as its the only primer that doesn't break me out. It also helps the appearance of my makeup look better overall.

I was after a new under eye concealer so picked up the Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer which I have started to use and has quickly become the one I reach for on a daily basis due its amazing coverage and highlighting. I wouldn't use this on blemishes though due to the highlighting aspect but it doesn't cake or crease and blends out super well.

Finally for makeup I picked up the Eylure Brow Pomade in Dark Brown and although I am now starting to think it is too dark from the swatch I did I have heard good things about it and for only £8 is a bargain compared to the Anastasia Dip brow pomade. 

I also picked up some haircare and skincare items including the Colab Dry Shampoo which is the only one I will ever use as it smells gorgeous and doesn't feel to heavy whilst still hiding any grease but also giving texture. I also love the fact it's invisible as with dark roots the ones that leave a white residue are a nightmare to get rid of.

I also repurchased my favourite body wash from The Body Shop in Satsuma as the scent is perfect to get in the mood for the summer. On the same topic of body products I picked up the L'oreal Gradual Glow which is great if like me you are scared to go straight in with fake tan and prefer one that gradually builds. The shade is also perfect for my skin tone and doesn't go patchy or orange. 

Finally i picked up the John Frieda Sheer Blonde conditioner mask which claims to make blonder hair more shiny and like its fresh out of the salon so I am very excited to try this as I am on the hunt for products which will make sure the blonde doesn't fade too much too quickly.

Have you tried any of these products? 

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Summer Primark Haul

Primark has some amazing bargain's at the moment so I decided to update my spring/ summer wardrobe with quite a big shop however everything is of course unbelievably cheap and as always I am seriously impressed with the designs and quality!
I was after a nice pair of shorts as I had none at all and knew if I didn't grab any quick all the good ones would be gone. The shorts were £4 and the fabric is lovely and floaty whilst the detail on the pockets and the hem makes them look so pretty.
I also went for a few basic items including two t-shirts both costing around £4-5. The striped one is made from the softest material and looks fab with jeans or dungarees. The second one is more of a grpahic tee which I don't usually go for but I loved the colour especially half tucked into black skinny jeans. I also decided to try out Pirmark's jeans as I have started to hear a lot about them and I completely agree the fit is amazing! I have also been obsessed with sweaters and the colour of this one is gorgeous and super soft for only £5! I definitely recommend picking one of these up in your next Primark splurge as there were loads of colours.

As I'm getting my wardrobe ready for the summer I picked up two playsuits as they are my go to when the sun comes out! The first one is more of a day-to- day on the beach sort of look with a lovely aztec print and halterneck style which is possibly my favourite neckline. Whilst last but not least my favourite item I have picked up for a very long time is this floral one which has floaty half sleeves  and more of a v-neck which could easily be dressed up or down.

I definitely recommend popping into Primark as they have some amazing pieces!