Sunday, 10 December 2017

Hogwarts In The Snow!

Yesterday was quite possibly the most magical day of my life. With excited definitely being an understatement. I received tickets to go for my birthday back in June but I knew I wanted to experience it in winter so after 6 months of waiting I finally got to see the most spectacular and magical thing. Before going I didn't look at any pictures on social media and wouldn't listen to anyone who said what was there as I wanted it to be a complete surprise which it most definitely was. 

(So I wouldn't recommend looking at these pictures if you want the same effect!) 


It began with walking around the Great Hall, Gryffindor's common room and all of the magical special effects before flying a broomstick over the streets, rivers and Hogwarts itself via a green screen - photographs are available at every stop of course - then came Dumbledores study, Hagrid's hut and even more smaller items are shown such as the Golden Snitch, wands and Horcrux's. The amount of effort that goes into a tiny object is incredible. 

The forbidden forest (the newest feature of the tour) was like the rest... Amazing! With giant trees, smoke and a couple of surprises along the way. Then came one of the things I looked forward to the most! The Hogwarts express! After pushing my trolley through to platform 93/4 I grabbed a few photos and boarded the train to see how it evolved over the films. A quick stop at the railway shop for merchandise and then came to the cafe for a bite to eat and maybe even a butterbeer if you fancy! 

Outside were the bigger sets Privet Drive, the Knight Bus, Hogwarts Bridge and much more to look in awe at. Before the final stops of Diagon Alley and of course Hogwarts itself. As I walked through the doors the castle took my breath away, whilst the snow created even more magic and beauty. 

The tour was amazing and if you couldn't tell already I loved every moment and I would definitely recommend going especially if you love the magical world of Harry Potter as much as myself.


Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Festive Room Tour

Kicking off the festivities on my blog I thought I would share some photographs of the hints to the Christmas period that have graced my bedroom. I haven't gone too over the top this year with just the odd bits of tinsel, fairy lights and my lovely tree which may I say I am very very proud of. I put my decorations up on Sunday and it definitely got me in the spirit and in full Christmas mode!

Silver Tinsel 
Primark Mini Baubles 
Primark Baubles
Primark Coloured Lights
Primark Clear Lights 
Wilko's Snow Covered Pine Cones 
Matalan Light Decoration
Snow Globe (Christmas Market) 


Monday, 27 November 2017

December Goals!

If you don't regularly read my blog you won't know that I struggle to stay organised or motivated so once again my life has gone into complete chaos with too many things to do and very little time meaning time to enjoy myself has been very limited. So I have decided to plan around 5 goals each month to help me face up to life like a boss. Originally I planned to start this in January as a new year, new start but I can't keep saying I'll do it tomorrow, or next week or next month otherwise nothing will ever happen. The goals are also aren't very specific but that's because I have so much to do but that will change as my organisation increases and a few things I don't want to specify in case I jinx it!


Due to my lack of organisation, I have definitely neglected a lot of the people most important to me so I need to get my act together especially as Christmas quickly approaches

I am constantly trying to strive to achieve the next best thing which does put an awful lot of pressure on me but is also more of a life goal, however, this is my first post about goals so I thought I could include it!

Mindfulness is something I seriously never believed in, but along with a positive attitude, I am definitely seeing the benefits in my mental health which I aim to improve in the coming month.


I already have an idea of what this will be and hopefully, if all goes to plan this should happen and if it does I don't think things could get any better.


A more light-hearted one but one that is equally important. As I said at the start I need to have more time for me by organising myself and Christmas is definitely the time to enjoy myself.